Dark Matter

  • This image shows a ring of DARK MATTER in galaxy cluster Cl 0024+17. MOST OF OUR UNIVERSE IS MADE OF THIS STUFF.
  • No one can SEE dark matter, so how do astronomers detect it?
  • By observing distorted shapes of galaxies that are in the background of observations.
  • This is known as GRAVITATIONAL LENSING.
  • Since dark matter is just like regular matter, just seemingly invisible, it still has a gravitational pull on objects around it.
  • When astronomers observe strange shapes or distortions its caused by some object with some gravity that pulls on other objects.
  • But when we can’t see an object that would cause such to happen, we conclude on it being dark matter.
  • Astronomers suggest that the dark-matter ring was produced from a collision between two gigantic clusters.”
  •  *disclaimer* this is a map that was super imposed on top of the galaxy cluster
  • Image credit: NASA/The Hubble Space Telescope


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