Hello space dweller, you might be here as a first-comer, or maybe you’ve been on Astroathens.com before and might notice how different it all looks! Yeah, it’s transition time. If the galaxies evolve and embrace change so should we, so here it is.. the new Astroathens.

I thought long and hard about what I want this all to mean, what I want to further create and sometimes that might mean pausing during the momentum and reconfiguring. Since COVID started my usual rocket-launch chasing paused, and something else picked up.. 3 new series: Space History, Must-See Celestial Events, and Astronomy Word Of the Week.

I went into a hyper concentrated year of pushing out weekly content – I loved it! But sometimes when we keep moving along a path without pausing we might lose sight of other things. This might be a tad personal but when I had my 30th birthday I separated from technology and nearly everyone for a moment of time – what I found was total peacefulness.

It made me think about how quiet it must be deep out in the cosmos. And while I work on these next steps of maximizing my time here on Earth, I hope you will be doing the same too. This site is something that will be greatly outdated in a future generation, but the knowledge we share with each other is something that will not expire. And I hope that we each live on even past our lifetime, through the things we create.

Thank you for being here, thank you for always growing. Be sure to always remember to look up to the stars and to each other. Ad Astra.

Xoxo, Astroathens