Supermassive black hole

The biggest supermassive black hole has been discovered by NASA in February 2016!!!


In the center of the galaxy, NGC 4889, which is one of many in the Coma Cluster about 300 million light years away, this supermassive black hole has been noticed.


According to NASA it’s 21 billion times the mass of the sun. Compared to our own black hole in the Milky Way which is about 4 million times the mass of the sun.


The size was measured by the velocity of the stars moving around the black hole, since you can’t actually SEE the black hole itself.


Why!?!?!? Because light cannot escape from a black hole, due to the gravitational pull.


Right now this black hole is believed to be stationary and NOT expanding in size.


The remaining gas that doesn’t fall into the black hole is calmly in orbit and forming new stars.


However if this galaxy collides with another, that can cause the black hole to reactivate!! According to Roeland van der Mare.


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