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From time to time, I come across many amazing and useful space and science-related resources that I want to share with like-minded space fans.We hope you will find as much value in these resources as I have!

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AstroAthens is a proud partner of La Petite Écolière, an apparel line that is dedicated to education. For every ten products sold, La Petite Écolière donates school essentials and meal programs for one girl in a developing country through Plan International Canada.

  • all our products are ethically produced in WRAP certified factories and they are eco-friendly using water based inks; there is also a made in Canada collection
  • 15% of profits are donated to charities supporting girls and women which equates roughly to: 1 girl is provided with school essentials and meal programs through Plan International Canada for every ten products sold
  • all our products are designed to inspire a dedication to education and to celebrate brilliant women
    La Petite Écolière is a female founded and led company, and we strive to work with female freelance designers for our products
  • Around 131 million girls worldwide are still out of school, and for them equality remains elusive. According to the latest UN reports, the number of out of school girls at primary level is growing  young women are nearly 90% more likely to be out of secondary school than their counterparts

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