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ALIEN Fanny Pack


Fanny packs are made of lightweight, 100% spun polyester with a fully lined interior. Features an adjustable strap, durable back panel, back pocket zipper, inside pocket zipper, and three card holders inside.

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What are we? Where are we from? Are we a dweller of this world or another?

I’ve been looking far and wide for an eco-conscious collection to start and I found one made of 100% organic cotton.

We live in a time where there’s no excuse to use fabrics and dyes that are harmful to our environment yet also live in a world where we are exploring as a species once again to other celestial bodies.

So here’s the question, will you be a dweller of another world?

For now I just have white and some colors for the fanny pack & mug, they are non-harmful dyes and I’m looking into more options but will still stick to my goal of environmentally-friendly.

Every sale made on eco-friendly collection a donation is made to an environmental non-profit organization.

100% Certified Organic Ring-Spun Cotton

Only thing polyester is the face mask & fanny pack.

Styling Videos:

Look I – https://youtu.be/AUniqVtQ-kg

Look II – https://youtu.be/3JOevLwXTjE