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March for Science NYC

The gathering of all humans that speak the language of science!!


This meant everyone who understands the important of science and its impact on our very existence.


This included the widest range of people with all different ages, backgrounds, careers etc…


There were of course people who are scientists, but also there were students, artists, musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and the list just keeps going on.


It was amazing. It was a uniting of all people that speak the universal language of science.


What was so monumental about this march was that people were SO INFORMED!!


I did a 1 hour Facebook LIVE during the rally. Followed by a 25 min LIVE during the actual march. This LIVE consisted of me causally interviewing dozens of strangers… talk about nerve wrecking. Actually everyone was quite open and welcoming to my spastic camera motions and giddy speaking.


I asked questions like “whose your favorite scientist” “where are from?” “Are you a scientist?” “And why are you marching/who are you marching for?”


Overall, staying informed on whats happening in science and technology these days in addition to political policies being made is extremely important. To learn more about NASA’s impact and how the space agency works with our US government read this article I wrote about when I went to Congress on behalf of NASA to speak to the House of Representatives about the new NASA Bill-in which was passed and is now waiting on the appropriation Bill to begin putting this country’s space science  budget into action.


Instead of sharing my reasoning for why these answers are epic, I thought sharing footage of the answers themselves would be better.