Gamma-ray Bursts

Gamma ray bursts and bursters


While trying to keep an eye on Russia in the 1960s during the Cold War, the US sends up space craft Vela to detect “nuke flashes” which in turn leads to the discovery of GAMMA RAY BURSTS!


The US thought the gamma ray bursts we’re signs that the┬áSoviet Union had technologically advanced to the point of testing in outer space.


However, after the break up of the Soviet Union the pentagon released this information and sent the data to astronomy researchers to figure it out.


Gamma ray bursts are theorized to be the result of two neutron stars colliding.


The tango in which a binary star system (2 stars) has is just two simple integrating orbits.. until those orbits slowly decrease and the two hot stars get closer together.


They get close enough until they break orbit and collide with one another, resulting in a massive impact and release of energy (AKA a gamma ray burst).


In this case (neutron stars) it’s close to the entire life of the sun (that’s about 10 billion years worth of energy!


Followed by them dimming so quickly after the burst that it can no longer detect anything in that direction post burst. Most last between 1-10 seconds. But shortest was 0.01 second and longest several minutes.


TODAY as frequent as 3 gamma ray bursts are detected A DAY!!!


A gamma-ray burst known as GRB 090429B detected by NASA’s Swift satellite in 2009 has been found to be a candidate for the most distant object in the Universe at an estimated distance of 13.14 billion light years!!!!

That red dot in the center of the image below is the afterglow of the burst.

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