Are we really made from the same stuff in our universe?

Corresponding with my latest YouTube video, this question pondered me recently while doing some research on the universe. Although many of us know that we are, indeed, made of “star stuff”, stars don’t actually make up most of the universe..

  • The universe is made primarily of dark matter and dark energy.
  • There’s no complete understanding of its physical properties just yet of it.

  • Whereas atoms are only about 5% of the universe and heavy elements like what you and me and everything on Earth are made of are only about 0.03% of the universe.
  • We’ve been studying cosmology and the cosmological principle for about a century now.
  • Modern cosmology meaning trying to understand the big bang model has only been studied for about 50 to 60 years!!
  • Cosmological principle is that the universe is the same in all directions and at all locations. And there’s the perfect cosmological principle which says the universe is the same at all times. This has been disproven because cosmic evolution is a fact.


  • On average the universe is the same at any location.
  • Now we can’t technically observe or confirm this directly because we can’t transplant ourselves at different locations in space.
  • We can’t move faster than light-speed, let alone even AT than the speed of light.
  • We are human being made up of physical matter, if we move at the speed of light our physical properties would be broken down into photons of light.
  • All we can do is use surveys for galaxies that we see hundreds of millions of galaxies away, but this actually is like super useful!
  • We’ve been able to observe that other galaxies look very similar to our very own galaxy, Milky Way Galaxy!
  • Also the Milky Way doesn’t occupy a specific position relative to its neighboring galaxies in terms of density or distribution.
  • Another question cosmologists are asking is if the universe looks the same in all directions.
  • This is a bit easier to test because we take deep surveys with telescopes in all directions that they can point.
  • For instance with the Hubble space telescope! Scientists are able to measure that galaxies in any direction have the same properties and behaviors.
  • But something funky to think about.. those images we gather today of galaxies aren’t what they look like in the current moment, they’re what they looked like millions or billions of years ago. And the light JUST got to us right now.
  • TIME TRAVEL!? Eh… not necessarily. The light traveled through space at a relatively consistent speed of 300 million meters per second.
  • So moving at this super fast speed you’d think it would get to us like ASAP right? Well, space is HUGE, it’s vast and even something as fast as light still takes time to get to our telescopes.
  • So a galaxy we just saw an image of now, is what it looked like in the past and in real-time that galaxy probably doesn’t look that way anymore. So we’ll just have to wait another million to billion years to see what it looks like today.. crazy!

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