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Athena is an international model and science host.

With a background in astrophysics and creative arts Athena’s mission is to bridge the gap between entertainment and science. She believe’s science should be more prominent in the entertainment industry, such as trending science influencers, scientists, writers and researchers.


Her goal is to make science as popular as trending memes on social media, to evolve the mindset of the general public. To create a future where children look up to astronauts and scientists as they do to reality TV stars.


While conducting research on planetary disk formations at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, Athena’s home, she was scouted to be a model.


After 15 years of dance training she thought logically this may be of interest to satisfy her creative arts dreams.


Simultaneously pursuing a modeling career and working towards her PhD in Astrophysics Athena began feeling torn between the sciences and the arts.


Athena will always remember the day her mentor Dr. Charles Liu and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson put it all into perspective for her and said “The universe is always going to be here with open arms. Try something out and if doesn’t work, you can always come back.”


Since that day Athena began her international journey, modeling in over 7 countries, pursuing an on-screen acting career and dancing professionally for different staged productions in New York City.
“If sharing my story might inspire just one person who may feel torn, stuck, or fearful to pursue a life of uncertainty or an unconditional career path, then I feel as though I’ve begun to make a difference in the future of innovative creators.”

-Athena Brensberger, Astroathens

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