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  • The biggest supermassive black hole has been discovered by NASA in February 2016!!!
  • In the center of the galaxy, NGC 4889, which is one of many in the Coma Cluster about 300 million light years away, this supermassive black hole has been noticed.
  • According to NASA it’s 21 billion times the mass of the sun. Compared to our own black hole in the Milky Way which is about 4 million times the mass of the sun.
  • The size was measured by the velocity of the stars moving around the black hole, since you can’t actually SEE the black hole itself.
  • Why!?!?!? Because light cannot escape from a black hole, due to the gravitational pull.
  • Right now this black hole is believed to be stationary and NOT expanding in size.
  • The remaining gas that doesn’t fall into the black hole is calmly in orbit and forming new stars.
  • However if this galaxy collides with another, that can cause the black hole to reactivate!! According to Roeland van der Mare.

Photo and information from: www.eastidahonews.com

Other information from: NASA.com, CNN.com

Supermassive black hole. NASA



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