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  • 49 CETI star
  • 190 light years from earth.
  • About 40-50 million years old.
  • After reaching about 5 million years old the gas orbiting it should have been blown away or spiraled into the mass of the star.
  • So why does this older star have 2 rings of gas and dust?!
  • First ring radius of about a billion miles, second ring is 2/3x that size surrounding it!
  • The science fiction novel Ring World, written Larry Niven, proposed the concept of taking useless material from planets to pound out a ribbon-like surface that surrounds a star. This ribbon is held by the centrifugal force of the star, resulting in lots of useful surface space surrounding the star. Hence, a ring world.
  • Astronomer Benjamin Zuckerman discovered this star in the Cetus constellation in 1995.
  • Today there is continued research to figure out why this older star appears to have properties of a newborn star similar to a proto-planetary disk. As I explain in this (poorly pixelated) youtube video!–I’ll re-create this in a higher res video soon!

The Daily Galaxy-an artist's rendition

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